Video Interview: Tiffany Rodriguez Gave a Moving Testimonial About Vegas Shooting and Discussed Coping Strategies for PTSD


Tiffany Rodriguez, Marketing Manager at Oliver's Harvest, shared how she is coping with her traumatic experience. She recommended to talk about the stress and to use natural hemp products for relief.

​​​Oliver’s Harvest deeply cares about mental health awareness. Today, on June 27—the company recognizes PTSD Awareness Day. PTSD stands for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and is a condition that many people suffer from after going through a severely traumatic experience. It is common for veterans and non-veterans alike. While PTSD can vary in terms of severity and scale of impact on overall life quality, the common denominator of the disorder is that people continuously have stress and anxiety due to past traumatic events. The symptoms vary among people; some may get recurrent memories during the night time, while others may experience stress when seeing objects that trigger traumatic memories.

Oliver’s Harvest team prioritizes the importance of mental health and its awareness. It takes pride in working on solutions to help with mental symptoms, such as anxiety and stress relief. To bring more awareness about PTSD to readers, Oliver's Harvest team asked Tiffany Rodriguez, marketing manager, to share her experience and to give support to those who go through similar PTSD symptoms. 

Moving Testimonial, featuring Tiffany Rodriguez:

Thank you for joining us, Tiffany. Can you tell our viewers what you have been through recently?

On October 1, 2017, I was a part of the mass shooting that happened in the country concert in Las Vegas. It changed my life forever; it really made me realize that life is very, very short and that I ended up with a little bit of stress/anxiety issues, some PTSD issues that I didn’t really think existed. And now I know that it’s a real thing, people do go through this. But you have to realize you have a problem before you can kind of get out there and get help. 

That’s a terrible and horrific experience to have to endure. What do you do to cope with the memory?

You definitely need to talk. The more you talk to somebody anybody—a therapist, a friend, even, like, support groups—there are tons of support groups out there for everything—that is the most important thing. The more you talk about it, the better you feel about it, the more it is out there; it is off your chest. You are not thinking about it all day long because you’ve already said what you needed to say and you move on. The other thing that I realized that I needed was help sleeping, because I was waking up in the middle of the night crying. I had night terrors, sweats, all of that. And I thought I was fine, I was like, “Yeah, there is nothing wrong with me.” But those issues, they really start to compound, and over a year of not sleeping, anxiety, just little tiny things like noises setting me off would freeze me. And hair would stand up on end on my arms—just the most ridiculous things. So I knew that I needed to find something to help me through all of that. When I was working at Oliver’s Harvest, they were telling me how all of this CBD is going to help with anxiety and even the PTSD symptoms that I was having. At first, I didn’t buy into it, until I started taking the supplement. And it really helped, it helped me sleep a lot; I didn’t have to worry about not sleeping. So, that was the other thing that was compounding—every night I am like, "Alright, I am not going to sleep.” So now, I was worried about not sleeping, and then not sleeping. But after taking the CBD oil, I was able to rest all the way through the night and wake up in the morning not worried about anything. I didn’t have nightmares; I wasn’t waking up in total shock in the middle of the night. It’s been really great; it’s been so helpful.

It is so encouraging to hear that Oliver’s Harvest products help you! Which do you use and when/why?

I was using the tinctures. We started off with 500 mg tinctures; I was taking them twice a day. And then, in the middle of the day, I would have a gummy here and there. These things are fantastic; they taste lovely. It helped; they kind of soothe me through my day, and I don't have the worries about crowds and going places. Because you will be surprised about what I do to myself: I look at every window, I check wherever tall buildings are. It’s amazing what I’ve found that I do to make myself anxious. But now I don’t really have to. I don’t feel the nervousness anymore. 

That’s great to hear, Tiffany. For others who have had traumatic experiences or PTSD, what do you recommend?

Find somebody to talk to. You have to be okay that you have an issue, for sure. You have to understand yourself and what you need to do. Try anything, try a natural medication to help you sleep, like the CBD oil. You need rest; that’s where a lot of your anxieties come from during the day—it’s because you're not sleeping at night. So, when you wake up in the morning, you’re already anxious to start your day because you know you’re tired or whatever. The CBD oil really helped. You can do that.

Thank you for sharing your story, Tiffany! You are amazing. Your advice means a lot to our viewers.

Oliver’s Harvest will continue working on raising awareness about mental conditions. The readers who went through an experience that resulted in PTSD and who would like to share it are encouraged to contact Oliver's Harvest team. 

Oliver’s Harvest products for anxiety and stress relief were developed using only natural herbs. The readers can check or call 866-634-3134 to find anxiety and stress solutions.

Source: Oliver's Harvest